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Health K9
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.- The World's Best Dog Treats

e at Aron Pet Food have dedicated our work to create the world's best dog product.

In 1989, we successfully started with our "Original Beef Chew".

Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • 100% Natural Beef
  • Virtually Fat Free
  • Long Chewing Hours
  • Highly Digestible
  • No Preservatives

In addition, we are now able to introduce a line of dog treats using exclusively government inspected raw materials - fit for human consumption. Product purity and health benefits are the priority for all our products. We do not process with chemicals, high heat or so called natural preservatives.

"Dogs will love us for that"

We will carefully select top retailers only, and support individual store areas with advertising and promotions.

Original Beefchew

Beefchew is a 100% natural product. It contains no preservatives, chemicals or additives. Beefchew is also fully digestible and is virtually fat-free. Long chewing time!

  • 4 inch 3 pack
  • 6 inch single

Original Beefchew

Even longer chewing time! It is excellent for promoting healthier teeth and gums and can replace a meal. High nutritional value, see analysis

10/13/16/26 inch

Healthy K9 - Veal Chew

A very healthy fat-free treat that provides ideal chewing exercise for puppies and older dogs.

  • 6 inch 4 pack
  • 11 inch single

Healthy K9 - Beef Heart

The all natural "between meals" treat with a variety of nutrients.

60 gram bag

Healthy K9 - Beef Liver

Your dog's favorite. Between meals, on trips or for training excercises.

60 gram bag

Healthy K9 - Beef Tripe

A highly nutritious treat with enormous benefit to your dog's digestive system. Ideal on fasting days.

50 gram bag

Healthy K9 - Beef Jerky

A delight on trips (100% pure beef); keeps your dog busy for hours.

60 gram bag

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